4 Heatons Zoo

Thank you to everyone who took part in the 4 Heatons Zoo in 2020! We have raised well over £7000, a fantastic amount! Below is a gallery of some of the great exhibits.

Photos by Jill Jennings Photographer.

Chester Zoo needs our support raising funds – the 4 Heatons Zoo is here to help!

The people of the Heatons will be dressing up their homes as zoo exhibits, to raise awareness and have a bit of fun!

Tickets” will be donations on our JustGiving page.

So if you live local to the 4 Heatons, use our map to take a walk in the zoo on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th June 2020.

Follow the links to view the map or look at the full list of exhibits. You can find a checklist of all the animals, along with a publicity poster and other ways to support us on this page.

Please share what you are doing using the tags #4HeatonsZoo and #ChesterZoo . If you want to be spotted while you’re doing the trail then wear some animal fancy dress! We also encourage children to submit photos and reports tagged #4HeatonsZooKidsReport